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Yes, you can specify the “non-public membership” option in the application. But even for public friends, we ask for consent and specify the amount of information that can be public.

Without the consent of the candidate, information about the company and its founders is not published in open access.

No, because the accreditation procedure is an exclusively internal procedure of the Association and its results are transmitted exclusively to the representative of the candidate (company/IP).

A mandatory procedure that occurs after receiving an application to join ABBA. Accreditation consists of several stages:

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You can’t join us as a friend at the moment, but you can get basic support and participate in open events. Contact us to learn more.

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Accreditation Policy to Join ABBA

Algorithm of accreditation of candidates to become members of the Association (Candidates):

Stage 1. Declaration of the Candidate

1.1. The candidate applies to join the Association;

1.2. Fills out a questionnaire with basic questions needed to start accreditation.

1.3. An introductory offline or online meeting is held with the Candidate’s representative to clarify the Candidate’s motivation, his needs and hopes for membership in the Association, business specifics, identification.

Stage 2. Verification of information about the Candidate

2.1. ABBA employees jointly check the data provided by the Candidate in the questionnaire and the information provided by the Candidate’s representative at the meeting for accuracy and compliance with the requirements of the Code.

2.2. Data is collected and evaluated about the company (Candidate), founders, beneficiaries and affiliates

from official trade registers,
from specialized consolidated databases,
from public profiles and company sites,
from the media,
from database extracts received from the Association’s partners.
2.3. With the consent of the candidate, information may be requested from members of the Association or companies from the Candidate’s business branch.

All information is analyzed in aggregate. If inconsistencies arise, additional documents are requested.

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ABBA membership offers access to diverse business programs and financial support. Joining ABBA can provide confirmation of membership for financial institutions, aiding in financing opportunities. Members can engage in project contests for cash prizes and investor attention. Future plans include accessing financing through a guarantee fund in development with the Development Bank of Poland and the European Union.

ABBA members will get access to expert consultations, seminars, and classes across various fields. They can suggest topics for these sessions, access personal consultations, and receive information from authoritative sources on international business, like the Ministry of Finance of Poland.

3.1. A conclusion is submitted to the Association’s governing body (elected collegial organ) regarding the acceptance or rejection of the candidate for membership in the Association. The procedure for challenging the decision through the Association’s Supervisory Board is also provided.

3.2. An ABBA representative returns with the decision to the candidate.