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ABBA’s main task is to support its members in solving business problems abroad. This includes protecting their interests, combating discrimination, conducting negotiations and creating platforms for dialogue with politicians and international organizations.

ABBA members will get access to expert consultations, seminars, and classes across various fields. They can suggest topics for these sessions, access personal consultations, and receive information from authoritative sources on international business, like the Ministry of Finance of Poland.

ABBA membership offers access to diverse business programs and financial support. Joining ABBA can provide confirmation of membership for financial institutions, aiding in financing opportunities. Members can engage in project contests for cash prizes and investor attention. Future plans include accessing financing through a guarantee fund in development with the Development Bank of Poland and the European Union.

ABBA membership grants access to protected networking events and exclusive groups of accredited businessmen, facilitating industry-specific connections and exchanges. Through ABBA representatives, partners, and affiliations like People’s Embassies in 22 countries, members can connect with international businessmen. Opportunities to join business delegations via partners like the Polish Chamber of Commerce exist, with plans for meetings with renowned individuals based on member requests.

ABBA members can access affiliate bonus programs and promote their services through the Association’s and partners’ media resources. Additionally, members can receive assistance with societal integration, including filing petitions for international protection for member business owners and their families. ABBA’s services will evolve and expand based on member requests and the growing membership base.