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Yes, you can specify the “non-public membership” option in the application. But even for public friends, we ask for consent and specify the amount of information that can be public.

Without the consent of the candidate, information about the company and its founders is not published in open access.

No, because the accreditation procedure is an exclusively internal procedure of the Association and its results are transmitted exclusively to the representative of the candidate (company/IP).

A mandatory procedure that occurs after receiving an application to join ABBA. Accreditation consists of several stages:

Read more about accreditation at the links.

You can’t join us as a friend at the moment, but you can get basic support and participate in open events. Contact us to learn more.

A company or sole proprietorship registered abroad in Belarus (except Russia), which:
– has a founder (participant) who is a citizen of Belarus now or in the past;
– to agree with the Code of Business Ethics and the Statute of ABVA;
– have passed ABBA accreditation

Yes, but at least 1 of the founders (participants) must be a citizen of Belarus now or in the past