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The process of joining ab:ba

1 Candidate Declaration

1.1. The candidate submits an application to join the Association.

1.2. Fills out a questionnaire with basic questions necessary for the accreditation process.

1.3. An introductory offline or online meeting is conducted with the candidate’s representative to clarify the candidate’s motivation, needs, and expectations from membership in the Association, the specifics of the business, and identification.

2 Candidate Information Verification

2.1. ABBA employees verify the accuracy and compliance of the data provided by the candidate in the questionnaire and the information provided by the candidate’s representative during the meeting.

2.2. Information about the company (candidate), founders, beneficiaries, and affiliated persons is collected and evaluated from official trade registers, specialized consolidated databases, company’s public profiles and websites, media sources, extracts from databases obtained from Association partners.

2.3. With the candidate’s consent, references may be requested from members of the Association or companies in the candidate’s business field.

All information is analyzed collectively. In case of discrepancies, additional documents are requested.

3 Decision on Accreditation Results

3.1. A conclusion is submitted to the Association’s governing body (elected collegial organ) regarding the acceptance or rejection of the candidate for membership in the Association. The procedure for challenging the decision through the Association’s Supervisory Board is also provided.

3.2. An ABBA representative returns with the decision to the candidate.

4 Monitoring (during the membership in ABBA)

To prevent abuse of trust, information about ABBA members is periodically verified by ABBA employees. This includes monitoring changes in basic data (e.g., changes in the composition of company participants, company reorganization) or information about violations of declared values by members. Mechanisms and grounds for excluding a company from the Association’s membership are provided.

More details about accreditation can be found in the article.


*For members of the AB:BA association
ItemsSilver EliteGold ElitePlatinum EliteTitanium Elite
Certificate of membership in АВВАVirtualVirtualVirtual + physicalVirtual + physical
Obtaining ABBA letters of recommendation++++
Public interest advocacy businesses with Belarusian roots abroad++++
Individual advocacy on business matters+
Access to all ABBA online events++++
Access to all ABBA offline events+++
Access to partner events+
Contacts of accredited specialists++++
Free expert consultations
(up to 3 hours per month)
Free expert consultations
(up to 5 hours per month)
Access to participation in business trips, ekhro++
Subscription to a useful newsletter++++
Help in finding a business partner+++
Assistance in finding financing++
Networking in the private chat of the Association's friends++++
Access to ABBA's monthly offline networking (Warsaw/Vilnius)++
News about joining ABBA in social networks (with friend's consent)++++
Presentation of a member of ABBA in social networks (with the friend's consent)++
Video interview about ABBA friend (with friend's consent)+
Access the ABBA Knowledge Base+++
Discount for advertising at ABVA events+++
Receiving bonuses / discounts from partners++
Partner status at ABBA events+
Friendly contribution250 euros per year500 euros per year1000 euros per year3000 euros per year
*Possible costs when receiving outside AB:BA
Access to all ABBA online events200 euros per year
Access to all ABVA offline events200 euros per year
Free expert consultations (up to 3 hours per month)2520 euros per year
Free expert consultations (up to 5 hours per month)4200 euros per year
Access to participation in business trips, ekhro3000 euros per year
Video interview about ABBA friend (with friend's consent)5000 euros per year
Partner status at ABBA events1000 euros per year



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